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Application and Admission

Q: What are the documents required for me to apply for the PACE programme?
A: Your NRIC, SPM (or equivalent) and other higher academic certificates and transcripts are the basic documents. Other documents such as curriculum vitae and letters from employers may be required depending on the programme that you’re applying for.

Q: I’m a foreigner working in Malaysia. Can I apply for a PACE programme?
A: Yes, you can. Please submit a copy of your passport and active visa on top of the regular documents to the course counsellor for further assessment.

Q: I travel frequently to other countries for business. Is the PACE programme suitable for me?
A: The content materials can be accessed anytime anywhere as long as there is internet connection, from either desktop or on mobile devices. You can also print out the materials for offline references.

Q: I’m not sure how to study online. Can you guide me?
A: Student Orientation is conducted at the beginning of every semester. New students are strongly encouraged to attend the Orientation to learn how to use the Learning Management System, e-Library, and other important information about your programme. The information is also available on the Learning Management System for your later reference. If you need further information, do not hesitate to contact our support staff.

Q: I’m not very computer savvy. Can I take the online course?
A: Basic computer knowledge is required for students to study online, such as basic operations of computers and mobile devices, usage of internet, usage of word processing applications etc. Manuals and tips of the usages are available on the Learning Management System to guide students. If you need further or personal guidance, do not hesitate to contact our support staff for assistance.

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Q: I’m not able to attend the scheduled workshops as I work on weekends. How can I work around it so I won’t miss out on the workshops?
A: All workshops are recorded and posted on the Learning Management System for students to re-view at a later time. Lecturers will also schedule web conferences for further engagement and discussion. You may also contact our lecturers personally should you need further guidance.

Q: I’m not able to participate in the scheduled web conference. Can the lecturer reschedule the session?
A: The session will be recorded and posted on the Learning Management System for later review. If you have further queries for the lecturer or need him/her to conduct another session for you, please contact him/her.

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Course Enrolment & Deferment of Semester

Q: I’m a working professional with a young family to take care of. I may not be able to dedicate my time fully at certain time of the year. Can I enroll for less or no courses at all in any particular semester?
A: The flexibility of the PACE programme enables our student to take less courses per semester.  Students only need to apply the deferment through the PACE Office and can defer up to four subsequent semesters.

Q: I’ve paid and enrolled for 3 courses this semester. However, I have an urgent task at work and don’t think I’m able to commit for all the courses. I would like to just concentrate on 2 courses, can I?
A: You can opt to drop a course before the due date. You can take the course when it is offered again in future semesters and don’t need to pay for the course again.

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Practicum (DECE)

Q: I’m an in-service kindergarten teacher. Can I do my practical sessions at my kindergarten?
A: In-service teachers can do their practicums at their own kindergartens. For Practicum 1, you may focus on children age 4 and below at your kindergarten.

Q: I have been a kindergarten teacher for over 10 years. Can I skip the Practicums?
A: Practicum courses is a requirement for all DECE students to graduate according to the Programme Standard.

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Credit Exemptions

Q: Can I get credit exemptions for similar subjects that I have taken from other academic institutions in the past?
A: Credit exemptions can be applied for courses taken of the same level and within the last five years. You need to provide the syllabus of the course from the previous institution and fill up the application form during your first semester of studies.

Q: Can I get credit exemptions for certain courses based on my work experiences?
A: You may apply for credit exemptions based on your prior experiences via the APEL C Unit of SEGi University.

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Learning Management System/Blackboard

Q: I’ve forgotten my Blackboard password. Can you help?
A: Please contact the PACE Office to reset your password.

Q: The contents on my courses are not loading.
A: Ensure that you have a working internet access and clear your cache frequently. If the issue persists, contact our support staff for assistance.

Q: How can I access the content materials on my mobile devices?
A: Download the Blackboard Student app using AppStore (iOS) or PlayStore (Android). Select SEGi University and Colleges as your institution and enter your login credentials.

Q: I’m not able to enroll for new subjects, submit assignments or access the e-library from the mobile app (Blackboard Student).
A: The mobile app can be used for students to access only the content materials. Students are encouraged to access more functionality using desktop/laptop. If you need to use your mobile devices to access more than just the content materials, you will need to access Blackboard using browsers such as Google Chrome or Safari. However, the content materials may not appear optimized on these browsers.

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Assignment Submission

Q: I’ve mistakenly submitted an older version of my assignment. I’m not able to resubmit again. Can you assist?
A: You can only resubmit your assignments before the due date. If you need to resubmit your assignments after the due date, please contact the PACE Office for assistance.

Q: The integrity report of my assignment submission is not showing.
A: The integrity report is normally be generated immediately after the first submission. For resubmission, the reports are only generated later. If the report is still not generated 24 hours after the submission, please contact the PACE Office for assistance.

Q: I received 10% similarity in my integrity report upon my submission. I’m shocked that it has increased to 15% when I checked again 2 weeks later.
A: The integrity report is dynamic and will readjust itself after the submission date based on all the submissions.

Q: I received 40% similarity in my integrity report but when I checked, those similarity are the cover page and referenced sources.
A: Lecturers have the capacity to exclude those sources to reduce the similarity percentage.

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Examinations & Results

Q: Can I bring in books for reference during the examinations?
A: PACE programmes conduct open-book examinations, thus you’re allowed to bring in books and printed materials. Dictionary and electronic mobile devices are however prohibited.

Q: How can I obtain my exam docket and exam results as I’m not able to collect by hand?
A: Exam dockets and results are downloadable from the student portal or Blackboard.

Q: I have been seconded for duties in Kuching for 6 months. Can I take the exam this semester at the Kuching Centre instead?
A: Yes, you can apply to take the exam at SEGi University Regional Centre (Kuching) when you enroll for your courses. Inform the PACE Administrator for further assistance.

Q: My company has suddenly informed of a meeting which I cannot avoid during the exam weekend. It’s too late for me to drop the course. I’m also not in favour of prolonging my study duration. Can the University arrange another exam schedule for me?
A: You can apply to defer your examinations. The exams will be held roughly 2 weeks after the results is released. You will need to submit your assignment as usual before the due date.

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