Blackboard is an online Course Management System (CMS). It is the platform for engaging and assessing learners of every type – both in and beyond the classroom. It is robust application and as useful for supplementing a live course with extra online functionality and content as it is for teaching an entire course online.

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Key Features

No more hassle for students and educators – everything in one place. With My Blackboard, the critical information you need to know is consolidated in a simple, modern, easily consumable way.

The Updates tool in My Blackboard consolidates all of your Notifications from across all your Courses and Organizations, so you never miss a thing.

You can quickly see a stream of the latest grades you have received, so you never miss a new grade that was posted.

You and lecturer can view items that are past due, due today, or due this week.

Submit your paper through Blackboard to Turnitin. Save your time to submit your assignment to your lecturer.

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